Penny Wars!

Penny Wars January 9-31!


The TA month for fundraising is January.  The funds will go towards the students at Mountain View.  Will you help?! It will be a competition between each gradelevel, the cafeteria workers, custodians, specialists, and administration.  Each will have their own jar (12 jars total).  To vote for the your favorite, put pennies in the jar.  Each penny is worth one point.  So add lots of pennies to your favorite!  Oh!  Wait! There is a twist!  If you put silver coins or paper money in other jars, those points are counted against them! (2 quarters would count 50 points against the jar it was placed in!)  So send in pennies for your favorite and silver coins and paper money for the ones competing with your favorite!  

Each jar will be emptied and tallied at the end of the day with the winner hosting a trophy for that day.  How many days will your favorite host the trophy!?!