• Penny Wars January 9-31!


    The TA month for fundraising is January.  The funds will go towards the students at Mountain View.  Will you help?! It will be a competition between each gradelevel, the cafeteria workers, custodians, specialists, and administration.  Each will have their own jar (12 jars total).  To vote for the your favorite, put pennies in the jar.  Each penny is worth one point.  So add lots of pennies to your favorite!  Oh!  Wait! There is a twist!  If you put silver coins or paper money in other jars, those points are counted against them! (2 quarters would count 50 points against the jar it was placed in!)  So send in pennies for your favorite and silver coins and paper money for the ones competing with your favorite!  

    Each jar will be emptied and tallied at the end of the day with the winner hosting a trophy for that day.  How many days will your favorite host the trophy!?!


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  • Notification System from Catawba County Schools


    In preparation for the winter months, please make sure that your contact information (phone/cell numbers, email addresses, etc) are up to date within our system. Make sure we know how your child is to go home if Quest and the other day cares are closed for weather. If you need to update, please contact your child's school with the updated information.

    Also, please take a look at the Parent Notification System page at for additional information in regards to the notification system.


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  • When are Events Happening? 


    Click on the View Calendar at the bottom of the announcements/events section to see when events are happening at the school.  It is always being updated so you can plan ahead.  Events are already listed from October to June!  Keep checking for updates! 


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  • Webpage Under Construction


    We are currently awaiting pictures and information from CCS so that we can update our webpage.  Please be patient as we continue to work on making it current.  The calendar is current, so please refer to that for upcoming events! Thank you!


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  • Volunteers!


    If you are interested in volunteering for the school let us know!  We have things to cut out, make, sort, and organize. We need occasional tutoring, help with centers or special projects, and lots of help is needed in the Media Center. We have the Fall Festival, Field Days, and some field trips. If your child's (or grandchild's) teacher doesn't have anything current for you to work on, offer your services in other classrooms, the lunchroom, and/or the Media Center! If you are working directly with students or chaperoning a field trip, please remember to go to the Volunteer site under Students and Parents, then Parent Information to submit your background check prior to volunteering in those areas.  Thank you for volunteering!  




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Upcoming Events

From the Principal

  •  Welcome to Mountain View Elementary's 2016-2017 school year!


    Dyanne Sherrill


School News

  • Title 1 is Helping all the Students

    Mountain View Elementary School, a Title I School, continues to strive for excellence! This year our school continues to qualify as a Title I School. What does that mean? Parents have the opportunity to apply for Free/Reduced Lunch. The percentage of students who qualify for this program determines if schools are eligible to be a Targeted Assisted School or a School-wide Title I School. Schools with 30% -39% percent of Free/Reduced students can receive funds as a Targeted Assisted school. These funds must be used for the students receiving free/reduced lunch. Schools having more than 40% of students receiving free/reduce lunch can receive funds as a School-wide school. These funds can be used for every child in the school. We are currently a School-wide Title I School with 41% of students receiving free/reduced lunch. These additional funds pay for additional teacher assistant support, tutors, computer equipment, and other instructional supplies. Our goal is to provide students with the resources, support, and everything they need to be successful in our school and community. Along with our parents, this educational partnership allows students to go places outside of the instructional walls that surround our school. Students are using tools to navigate the curriculum through technology. They are also able to work collaboratively with peers in the classroom and in the various clubs on campus. Students are learning that they can make a difference in our world by participating in Service Projects throughout the year. No matter how small, no matter how tall; when we work together - oh the places we can go, oh the people we can meet, and oh the difference we can make.

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  • Mountain View Students take on Service Projects

    The students and parents of Mountain View have always been very generous in helping to support programs such as JDRF and Jump Rope for Heart as well as other state and National projects. Although these are worthy and wonderful causes, this year we have decided to let the children be more involved in what it means to help others and have a more hands on approach. This is to teach them about helping others without receiving something in return such as a prize. Each grade level is doing a project to raise money or collect items to serve the community they live in. If possible, they would love to involve everyone in each of the projects. There will be more information coming as each project date gets nearer. If you are able to have your child help in any or several of these projects, we thank you! Announcements will be put on the web page for each project. Thank you in advance for your continued support and generosity as the students learn about helping others. Projects: 2nd grade, November 1-December 6: Toys for Cops (New and gently used toys), December 1-22: 5th & 6th grade collecting cans to feed the hungry, December 1-19 MVTV Salvation Army Tree, January 2-31: Teacher Assistants 'Penny Wars' for Kids in Need, February 1-12: 1st grade, Making and selling Tissue Paper Flowers to support the Back Pack program at our school, March 1-31: 3rd and 4th grade, April: Kindergarten Meals on Wheels and Assisted Living Homes

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  • From Tara Killian, Assistant Principal

    We are going to have a great 2016-2017 school year!

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  • The student day begins promptly at 7:30! Dismissal is 2:30.

    Don't be late! Start the day great!

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